Bankers’ bonuses are in the news again. Actually so are Network Rail’s and the people who do Student Loans. Give it a week or two and that extra fiver I gave my cleaner for doing the fridge last week will be under scrutiny.

Things got so fraught that the Government stripped Sir Fred ‘the shred’ Goodwin of his knighthood; so now he’s just Fred ‘the shred’ Goodwin. Let’s see how he likes it now being forced to live on his £342,000 a year pension for life and taking slightly less time to fill in his name on forms.

I’ve become slightly obsessed by how obsessed people are over the amount of money paid to individuals. Far more obsessed than they were by the banking crisis that came close to bankrupting the country and for which we’re still paying. The point being of course you can relate to a human whose doing rather better than you (or almost anyone) much more than you can an abstract sum of money.

If you’re struggling to see the big picture – fear not help is at hand. I’ve made a special bonus video blog for you. What’s more if you watch it to the end you can share in my overly generous bonus pool; don’t miss out!



I’ve just started a series of poker training videos which I think will really shock you and give you a massive leg up in your game.

If you’d like to start watching them without read me banging on about why I made them click here

So why have I made them (I hear you ask quietly)?

Well I’m slightly obsessed with how people think about what they do and why they keep making the same mistakes.

So why do we keep banging our heads on the same brick proverbial brick walls when we play poker or do anything else we’re trying to get better at in line?

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Holiday State

November 23, 2011

I spent a lot of last month on a holiday. One of those where you get a beach and sunshine and do everything in your eating and drinking power to guarantee the onset of gout. It was one of those charmed periods of life where everything went smoothly, all of my choices were good ones, […]

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End Of Season Shenanigans

October 11, 2011

A couple of years ago some thrusting young executives came to me and said, ‘Nick we’re starting a new UK and Ireland poker tour and we want you on board as the host.’ I said, ‘congratulations you’ve made an excellent choice – a no-brainer – but a new tour is just the stuff of science […]

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Edinburgh festival and comedy in transition

September 2, 2011

Stand up comedy is bigger than ever. DVD sales of your favourite TV comic are huge. And those same comics perform to sold our arenas across the country. You’ll hear different explanations. Some cite the ‘Comedy Roadshow’ on the beeb for giving stand ups a national vehicle. Others will tell you it’s because the economy […]

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Backstage pass

August 23, 2011

I’m writing this from Edinburgh where I’ve spent most of the last month hosting another UKIPT event and filming for channel 4 and also filming the Festival’s first ever streaming live chat show called Festival Frank. In between all of that I’ve managed to check out a few shows my top 3 based on systematic…um…system […]

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Chess: the second greatest game they ever invented

August 8, 2011

Sometime in my future I will spend my days sitting in a sunny park playing long games of Chess against people a third my age. And I won’t care if I win or lose I’ll be so lost in the game and the bliss of it. But mostly I’ll kick their ass. If you could […]

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The West Wing 2.0

June 27, 2011

The West Wing might be the best TV series ever made. Whether it is not or not it’s the TV show that’s given me as much pleasure as any other to the point of near obsession. If you’ve never watched it or only watched a couple of random episodes stop reading this immediately. Go and […]

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The Roller Coaster

June 13, 2011

Had an awesome month in May, working every single day and now enjoying a quieter time in June. I say working but it didn’t feel like that. Most days I was broadcasting including a lot of live stuff like this:- Live TV (I know this was a web show- but there’s less and less […]

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