Sales Training

I often hear that selling in the modern world is tough or even impossible. I understand where this comes from. Buyers are much more aware than they were even a few years ago. They’re more aware of their options, they’re more aware and hate when they’re being sold to. They have the internet which allows them to instantly compare your offer to your competitors.

Sales can be tough and finding great clients and converting them is challenging.

If you’re experiencing some of these challenges in your business then I understand where you’re coming from and you should know you’re not alone.

The good news is that with the right approach and sales systems you can get the results you want.

In the last few years I’ve proved this by building my own online business from scratch to over 2 million in sales. I’ve also helped managers, entrepreneurs and business owners massively increase their sales by teaching them how to find the right clients and convert them both online and face to face.

Most sales training is stale. Most of it was written 20 years ago before the internet and you’ll still find trainers getting up with a Powerpoint and going through the same old ‘always be closing’ type stuff!

There’s nothing wrong with the fundamentals – people’s ‘buying brain’ still works in the same way but if you haven’t adapted what you’re doing to the new environment then you’re going to struggle, especially at the top of any market where the real money’s to be made.

I don’t believe a potter solution or an out of date Powerpoint is the answer to you getting better revenue figures from your business or your team. When we work together the first step is for me to understand the unique challenges you’re facing in your business so I can deliver training and coaching that really works.

Not only should sales training deliver more sales but it should also help you and your team enjoy building your business more. My approach is to coach as much as possible and to make sure anyone gets great practical help they can take away and use to perform better the very next day.

This won’t only help your bottom line but also retention of your employees. It will help increase their productivity and the passion they bring to work every day

I can’t wait to get started – get in touch so we can see if we’re a good fit and talk about how I can help you hit your and your business’s goals.