About Me

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Today I get my passion and pleasure in my working life from helping others develop their business, increase their revenue and get closer to their professional goals and dreams.

It hasn’t been a conventional path to get to this point.

my sales journey

My first job was working selling advertising space for publishing houses. I ‘smiled and dialed’ my way to becoming a sales manager in publishing before being headhunted to work in the City.

There I sold wealth management solutions to high net worth clients before being promoted to train other people to do the same. I loved some of the work and learnt how to sell ‘big ticket’; a skill that’s served me well since.



What I didn’t love was being an employee and a desire grew to live life on my terms and work only on projects I loved. I ran away to join my version of the circus and went to live in Las Vegas. Here I made my money as professional poker player playing high stakes cash poker and competing in the World Series.

fusing my love of poker and a broadcasting career


On returning to England I wanted a career that made the most of my love of communicating in areas I’m passionate about.  I pursued a career in broadcasting which led me to work as a comedy writer and a poker broadcaster.  As a comedy writer I wrote on over 20 shows including 8 out of 10 cats and Have I Got News For You. In poker I created a career as a poker commentator, writer and TV host. I’ve commentated on some of the biggest events on the planet and presented shows on a variety of outlets including Channel 4 and Sky.

How i converted £1K into £2m

After a few years of broadcasting it became time to make some proper money, so I returned to my sales and training roots and started my own business in an industry I love. With an initial investment of less than £1,000 I started an online training business to help players improve their poker. Using the sales methods I’ve practiced and taught throughout my career I’ve grown the business to be the number 1 poker training company in the UK, Transform my Poker, with thousands of customers in over 60 countries and sales of over £2 million.

what i focus on now

Most of my professional time is now spent helping others develop their own sales skills and doing what I cant to help people and companies make more money and enjoy their professional lives more. 

I’m writing a book to help others achieve what I have; having a working life they love and showing them how to build an income from something they’re passionate about called ‘Make Your Passion Pay’.